Monitoring IP Monitoring IP

We can monitor trade mark applications lodged with IP Australia that are similar to your trade mark. We use image recognition technology to locate similar text and signs including foreign character trade marks. Click on the title to read more about these services.

Market Surveillance Market Surveillance

Using image recognition software, we can also report on online use of the sign used as your trade mark or other designs. This facility provides leads to possible infringements of copyright, trade marks and registered designs. Click on the title to read more about these services.

IP Enforcement IP Enforcement

To complete our service offering, we provide specialist legal services for infringement proceedings of intellectual property rights. Click on the title to read more about these services.


  • Monitoring & Market Surveillance
  • IP Services
  • Registered Trade Mark
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Registered Designs

Monitoring & Market Surveillance

Currently searching for similar signs and designs on the trade mark and design registries maintained by IP Australia depend heavily upon the use of correct descriptions. Image recognition software permits far greater accuracy in the identification of relevant signs and designs.

In May 2014 the World Intellectual Property Office released its Global Brand Database which allows image-based searching of a variety of trade mark registries including those in Australia, North America and Singapore.

In addition to the Global Brand Database, we have access to advanced Australian software that can search by text, image and foreign characters for matches within:

• the IP Australia Trade Mark Registry; and

• images on the internet – currently the Google image database.

A report of relevant matches is generated by the software and assessed by an experienced intellectual property lawyer who provides clients with legal advice upon the search results.